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October 2016 Head of the Charles

Josh Armstrong wins Junior Sculls at Head of the Charles Boston USA

Belgium Championships 2016

India Somerside and Alex Rankin win in Ghent

Belgium Junior womens pairs

Flemish U23 Womens pairs

Flemish Womens Pairs

National School Championships 2016

J18 Mens Single Sculls - Gold - Josh Armstrong

Coach: Iain Somerside

J18 Womens Quad Sculls - Silver -India Somerside, Alex Rankin,Rachel Cannon and Lauren Macnaughton

Coach Alistair Macnaughton

J18 Men Pairs- Bronze - Callum Urquhart and Ben 0'Neil 

Coach Peter Barton


Scottish Championships 2016

Josh Armstrong Gold Open 1 x an Open 4x
Callum Urquhart Gold J18 2- and Open 4x - silver open 2-
Ben O'Neil Gold J18 2- and Open 4x - Silver Open 2-
Ryan Morrison Gold Open 4x and Silver J18 1x
Alex Rankin Gold Open W2-, WJ18 2- WJ18 4+, WJ18 2x & Silver Open W 1x
India Somerside Gold Open W2-, WJ18 2- WJ184+ & WJ18 2x
Lauren MacNaughton Gold WJ18 4-, WJ18 4x & Silver WJ18 2-
Rachel Cannon Gold WJ18 4-, WJ18 4x & Silver WJ18 2-
Holly Wicklow Gold WJ18 4-,WJ18 4x Bronze WJ18 2-
Anna Colley Gold WJ18 4-,WJ16 4+ Silver WJ16 4x and Bronze WJ18 2-
Holly Allan Gold WJ18 4+,WJ16 4+ WJ16 2-,& Silver WJ16 4x
Jenny Olney Gold WJ18 4+ WJ16 4+,WJ16 2- & Silver WJ16 4x
Ailsa Martin Gold WJ18 4x, WJ16 4+ and Silver WJ16 4x
Callum Broad Gold J18 2x
Frank Murray Gold J18 2x
Ciara Rogers Gold WJ13 1x, WJ13 2x, Silver WJ14 4x and Bronze WJ14 2x 
Daisy Morris Gold WJ164+ & Silver WJ14 4x
Orla Johnstone Gold WJ13 4x and WJ13 2x
Sofia Chatfield Gold WJ13 x
Emily Milne Gold WJ13 4x
Darcy McCann Gold WJ13 4x
Honey Morris Gold WJ13 4

Kirsty Hunter Silver WJ14 4x

Lauren Cooper Silver WJ14 4x

Catriona Andrews Silver WJ14 4x and Bronze WJ14 2x
Alex Milne Silver J15 1x
Andrew Hodge 3rd J13 4x
Mathew Hodge 3rd J13 4x
Harry Mason 3rd J13 4x
Zak Potter 3rd J13 4x

British Championships 2016

Gold Womens J18 pairs Rachel Cannon and Lauren Macnaughton

Coach Alastair Macnaughton

Gold Men J15 sculls - Alex Milne

Coach Mary Massaro

Bronze Women J18 4- Holly Wicklow, Anna Colley, Lauren Macnaughton, & Rachel Cannon

Coach Alastiar Macnaughton

Home International 2016

Gold - MJ18 double sculls Callum Broad and Frank Murray

Coach Mary Massaro

Gold - M4x Ryan Morrison

Coach Iain Somerside/Peter Barton

Coupe De La Juenesse 2016

Gold ( Both days ) JM18 4- Callum Urquhart

Coach Peter Barton

World Rowing Championships 2016

WJ18 4- 4th - India Somerside and Alex Rankin

Coach Iain Somerside

MJ18 4x 11th Josh Armstrong

Coach Iain Somerside

Scottish Internationalist 2016

Ryan Morrison

Rachel Cannon

Lauren Macnaughton

Anna Colley

Jenny Olney

Holly Wicklow

Holly Allan

Callum Broad

Frank Murray

Sam Abernethy

Youcef Djoudi

Ella Bryant

Womens Henley 2016

Winners  WJ18 4x India Somerside, Alex Rankin, Lauren Macnaughton and Rachel Cannon.

Coach Alastair Macnaughton

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