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Come and try rowing at one of our beginner sessions. If you decide you wish to take the sport further then you would be welcome to join the club and will be integrated into the most appropriate rowing group.


If you currently row but think you could benefit from the Glasgow Schools Performance Programme then we would like to hear from you. We feel it best to join the programme in August each year to best prepare you for the racing season. We would, however, consider entry at other times if appropriate and in your best interests.

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The cost of an annual membership to the club is £ 150.00

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"St Mungo's Academy in previous years was a very active and successful rowing school with Glasgow Schools' Rowing club. Rowing's popularity in the school declined when Maureen Simpson, the school's rowing coach moved to the United States in the early 1990's. In recent years there has been a resurgence in the school's enthusiasm with rowing. Initially this was due to the successful indoor rowing programme supported by Scottish Rowing. Pupils are training three lunchtimes each week to enable them to successfully compete in the Glasgow Indoor Rowing competitions. This enthusiasm has continued to grow with pupils eager to try rowing sessions on the water both at Strathclyde Park Loch and the River Clyde. Pupils from St Mungo's now row at The Glasgow Schools' Rowing club at the weekends and attend the club's rowing camps during school holidays. The training allows pupils to make friends with pupils from other Glasgow schools throughout the city. The training also focuses on learning important life skills such as safety on water, working with others, taking responsibility and team building. Last year pupils were delighted to meet our heroine Katherine Grainger!! the enthusiasm of our pupils encourages others to participate in the sport making good use of one of Glasgow's natural resources."
Elizabeth Grant - Teacher St Mungo's Academy