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Scottish Schools and Scottish Indoors 2016

Good weekend at the Scottish Schools and Scottish Indoor Championships.

Scottish Schools
S6 Girls Holly Wicklow Gold
S4 Boys Fayz Siddiqui Gold
S4 Boys Rory White Silver
S2 Girls Sophie Chatfield Silver
S2 Girls Orla Johnson Bronze
S1 Boys Connor Kalkman Bronze
S2 Girls Team Sophie Chatfield, Emily Milne, Rosie McNaught, Darcy McCann Gold
Scottish Indoors
J18 Boys Callum Broad Gold
J18 Girls Holly Allan
J16 Boys Alex Milne Gold
J 16 Girls Anna Colley Gold
J15 Boys Rory White Gold
J18 Boys Ruardidh Smith Silver
J16 Boys Joseph Wright Bronze
J18 Girls Jenny Olney Bronze
J18 Boys Team Alex Milne, Ru Smith, Callum Broad and Rory White Gold.
Well done everybody some really good performances and lots of athletes on target.

Rowing 8th/9th October

Rowing this weekend 8th/9th October

The Clyde three Heads is on this weekend so only those competing will be rowing on Saturday. However, one of our parents - Gail Allan has kindly arranged a BBQ so you are all welcome to come down and support our crews and or help with the BBQ. Race times are 10.30/12.30 and 2.30 and race will be over 3000m coming past our clubhouse at about 10 mins after start time.

Rowing on Sunday will be as follows

8.00am Seville athletes meeting
8.30am - 1.30 Performance Group
10.30 - 12.00 2nd and 3rd years
12.00 - 1.30 1st years and beginners
1.30 - 3.00 Additional sculling coaching 2nd and 3rd years ( contact Iain Somerside if you wish to attend ).

From the 14th to the 22nd October we will be in Seville with the Performance Group. There will be rowing on Sunday the 23rd October 

10.30 - 12.00 2nd and 3rd years
12.00 - 1.30 1st years and beginners


Schools Head Duller October 2016 Results

We had a very successful weekend at the schools head in Dullater.

We won the following events

JW Fours Holly Allan, Jenny Olney, Laoise Rogers, Freya Duncan and Youcef Djoudi
JW16 Fours Assia Djoudi, Marion Caskie, Catriona Andrews, Kirsty Hunter and Kit Morris
WJ16 Quads Anna Colley, Assia Djoudi,Eve Kitcher and Natalie Smart
WJ18 2x Holly Allan and Louise Miller
WJ14 Quad Caira Rogers,Sofia Chatfield,Darcy McCann,Emily Milne and Ella Bryant
WJ15 2x Catriona Andrews and Kirsty Hunter
WJ18 Quads Louise Miller, Ailsa Martin,Lauren Amner and Jenny Olney
JW 16 2x Eve Kitcher and Anna Colley
JW 14 2x Ciara Rogers and Orla Johnstone

Alex Milne, Ru Smith and Callum Broad came second and third in their respective events.



Success at Weybridge Sculls

A small contingent of scullers made the journey down south to pick up some new boats and race at the Weybridge Silver sculls. There were great performances all round and some notable wins.

J18 doubles Josh Armstrong and Gavin Horsburgh

WJ18 doubles Holly Wicklow and Alex Rankin

WIM3 doubles Alex Rankin and Becky Nielson

J18 Singles Josh Armstrong

J17 Singles Josh Armstrong

Well done boys and girls

"I started my rowing at Glasgow Schools in 1953. It was a great sport and gave me many friends and fond memories. I recently came back down to the boat-club when my grandaughter decided to take up the sport as part of her school rowing programme. It brought back great memories to see so many young people rowing and enjoying their sport."
Lawerece Taylor - Allan Glens 1953