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A Brief History of Glasgow Schools Rowing Club

Glasgow Schools Rowing club was established by 1942 and initially boated out of Clydesdale Rowing Club. In 1951 with the help of Glasgow Corporation they established there own boat club at the East boathouse in Glasgow Green and by that time 15 Glasgow schools had rowing clubs with over 138 pupils rowing out of the club. By the early 1960's eighteen Glasgow Schools and over 500 pupils regular took part in rowing activities at the green on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday mornings.

Industrial action by teachers in the 1970's started to reduce the activity at the rowing club but St Mungo's Academy, Whitehill Secondary, St Aloysius, Hollyrood and Hutchesons Grammar, still continued to be active into the early 1980's. After that unfortunately numbers reduced further until the only activity in the boathouse were the pigeons who had taken up residence in the absence of any rowers. Members of Clydesdale rowing club helped maintain the boat fleet for use of school children rowing out of senior clubs and over time the boathouse was reclaimed and put into some basic order.

The introduction of indoor rowing to all Glasgow Secondary Schools in 2007 sparked a revival in rowing activity amongst local school and pupils from Lourdes and St Thomas Aquinas started rowing on the river out of the old boathouse or through local senior clubs. In 2008 new life was injected to the schools boathouse when Glasgow Academy started rowing. They were joined by pupils from Lourdes Secondary, St Mungo's, Hutcheson Grammar, St Aloysius and most recently Kelvinside Academy. Now over 120 pupils from seven schools regularly row from the schools boathouse.

"Glasgow Schools developed me into an elite athlete at an incredible pace, improving my mental and physical toughness, knowing that it will all be worth it after the pain. This knowledge and reassurance built up from the GSRC programme I have taken on with me to university level and has aided my improvements both in and out of the boat. Glasgow Schools also allowed me to understand that teammates mean everything in the sport. Happy team mates = fast boats. Being able to row with a number of talented athletes my age helped me to adapt to whoever the GB selectors put me with for trials and seat racing - regardless of club."
Gavin Horsburgh - World Champion 2015/2016